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2019 Storm 360° Membership Renewal: FAQ


Q: Where will the Storm be playing its 2019 WNBA season?

A: The University of Washington’s Alaska Airlines Arena is the primary home of the Storm in 2019.

Q: Where will the Storm be playing the 2020 WNBA season?

A: We appreciate that UW is on this journey with us and we hope to continue our partnership into the 2020 season.  However, we have agreed to assess the situation during the 2019 season as we learn more about the impact of our move on both the University and the Storm.

Q: Will all 17 regular season games, plus preseason and postseason games be at UW?

A: University of Washington’s Alaska Airlines Arena will be our primary home court.  Our full schedule, including any possible secondary arena locations will be announced in accordance with the WNBA’s schedule release. The Storm will play approximately 70% of its home games at UW in the 2019 season. We are likely to play secondary games at Everett’s Angels of the Winds.

Q: We’ve heard there is no air conditioning at UW. Will this be fixed in 2019?

A: Yes. Per WNBA requirement, the Storm will be putting in a temporary climate control solution for operation during Storm games.

Q: Does Alaska Airlines Arena have ADA-compliant seating?

A: Yes.

Q: Will the Storm allow professional cameras for Storm fans in 2019?

A: No, in accordance with the security guidelines at the University of Washington and camera policies of the NBA and WNBA, professional cameras with detachable lenses will not be allowed at games.



Q: I’m a Storm 360 member. Will I still receive a parking pass at UW?

A: The Storm plans to continue to offer parking within the membership fee for courtside members.  For non-courtside members, we will work with UW to provide parking at competitive prices.

Q: What is the parking situation at UW?
A: There are parking lots adjacent and in the surrounding areas on Montlake, in addition to new light-rail station located to the south of Alaska Airlines Arena.



Q: What concessions are available at Alaska Airlines Arena?

A: Aramark services UW Alaska Arena.

Q: Will Alaska Airlines Arena be selling alcohol during Storm games?

A:  New for the Storm, Aramark will be acquiring a liquor license in order to offer beer and wine at our games.  There is not currently a plan to offer hard alcohol on the college campus.



Q: Will the Storm be selling merchandise at games in 2019?

A: Yes, the Storm will have a Team Shop on the concourse open at all Storm games in 2019.



Q: I’m a current Storm 360 member. What is the process for renewing my seats for 2019?

A: We are rolling out a 10-month payment plan with first payment due on 11/15/18. We are inviting members to opt-in for the 2019 season (we are not automatically charging for 2019).

Q: If I don’t renew my 2019 membership, then will I get my priority # back in 2021?

No, you need purchase memberships in 2019 and 2020 to keep your priority for 2021.

Q: I would like to downgrade/upgrade/or add seats. When and how can I do that?

Add-ons will be allowed at the time of renewal in all price levels except for courtside. You may upgrade or downgrade at your seat selection and/or adjustment time.

Q: I have friends that sit with me on other accounts. Will they be sitting next to me again?

Courtside and premium sideline members will be selecting their seats in priority # order so it will depend on availability at the time of each account’s priority #. We will invite members to share who they would like to sit with on their seat preference forms beforehand and we will do our best to accommodate seat neighbors while, at the same time, utilizing priority number order.

Q: As a VIP courtside member at UW will I continue to receive the same VIP courtside benefits?

Yes, our plan is to provide the same benefits at UW that we provided at KeyArena.

Q: I was a VIP courtside member at KeyArena, but I purchased non-courtside seats at UW because there were no courtside seats remaining for me to purchase at my priority # selection. Does this mean that I am forfeiting all of my courtside benefits?

No, if you were a 2018 courtside member and you renew your membership into a minimum $558 per membership spend (i.e. – lower level at UW), then you will maintain your VIP benefits except for parking.

Q: The seats that I was hoping to purchase were not available at my seat selection time. Is there a waiting list for seats just in case they do become open or how can I get them if they open up?

Yes, we will have a waiting list. You are also welcome to check back at a later date.

Q: Will there be an opportunity to review seats in person at UW?

Yes, we will have opportunities to attend UW women’s basketball games and review seating options in person. This will be after the initial seat selection process has already taken place but members will have the option to make adjustments as they wish to do so.  

Q: Why did the price of lower level seats increase versus KeyArena in some of the comparable seating areas?

There are less premium lower level seats at UW compared to KeyArena.

Q: Why did the Storm not automatically get us the same seats at UW as KeyArena?

UW has approx. ½ the quantity of courtside seats compared to KeyArena. Hence, many of our VIP Courtside members needed to purchase lower level seats as a result. This results in a domino effect on all members. We decided the most fair way to manage this situation is to provide members access to the best seats at UW based on 2018 price level in descending order and then by priority # within those price levels. UW also has a variety of seating areas that are chair backs versus bleachers. Outside of the premium areas most impacted by the UW relocation, the Storm automatically sat those accounts in most comparable seating for convenience with an opportunity to make adjustments as well. Thank you for supporting us through this transition!

Q: Will the season tickets continue to be digital or will they be hard ticket stock for UW?

We plan to continue to have the tickets be digital. We plan to have membership cards, MY STORM ACCOUNTS, and mobile ticketing at UW the same that we had at KeyArena.

Q: When will I have the chance to select our seats for the secondary arena in 2019?

A: Once we have secured games at a secondary arena, we will roll out a process for members to be assigned their seats at the secondary venue.

Q: I only want to attend the games at UW as a Storm 360 member. Is there a member package for only the UW games?

A: If we play 3 or more games outside of UW, we will offer a package for UW only games.  However, members that stay with us for the full season, with the benefit of trading out games they can’t attend, will have first priority to seats in the each arena, including the refurbished KeyArena when we return, and will maintain all their Storm 360 membership benefits.

Q: If I pay in full for my membership, then wish to opt-out of games not played at UW will I receive a refund for those games?

We have a non-refundable policy. You can opt-out of games not played at UW and leave that extra money on your account as a credit. Otherwise, we recommend the 10-month payment plan because we will know the schedule in a few months and then you could pay the balance.

Q: I don’t want to renew until I know how many games you are playing at UW. Is there any consequence to waiting to renew at a later date?

You will have access to the best seats if you renew now. You are welcome to renew at a later date, but there will be less seating availability the longer you wait to commit. We will provide a UW package only option if we play 3 or more games outside of UW.

If you have additional questions please email us at or call 206-217-WNBA (9622).